Industrial Barrel Emptying Pumps Manufacturer

Barrel Pumps are a safe and efficient way to transfer liquids from one container to another. These pumps are also known as drum pumps. Most industries, such as food, pharmaceuticals, oils, chemicals, etc., use these pumps to transfer fluids.

General Purpose Progressive Cavity Pumps, Gear Pumps & AODD pumps are often called as Barrel Pumps due to their respective application. These pumps are used to transfer fluids safely and effectively. The pump’s inner part is mostly in contact with the chemicals and reagents. Thus, at Roto Pumps, we make sure that these parts are made with the material that makes them resistant to corrosion and is safe to handle.

General Purpose Progressive Cavity Pumps designed for moving low flow fluids in domestic and industrial applications. On the other hand, the AODD or air-operated double diaphragm pumps are designed to handle liquids that require smooth flow and abrasive media. While the Gear Pumps are used as barrel emptying pumps, these have four-piece construction and are specially designed to handle thinner to thicker & even corrosive liquids with lesser or no lubrication.

These technologically advanced pumps are designed to handle all types’ fluids without compromising with safety. These pumps are passed through stringent quality tests to ensure the highest safety standards.

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