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Despite being one of the leading Positive Displacement Pumps manufacturers, Roto Pumps continues to make efforts to serve their customers better by adding on to the variety of their products and increasing the quality of their products and services. They can maintain the same flow at any given speed, irrespective of the discharge pressure. These pumps can also efficiently handle highly viscous, abrasive and sheer sensitive liquids and are capable of creating high pressures.

Positive Displacement Pumps can be of two types- Rotary Pumps or Reciprocation Pumps. Roto’s rotary positive displacement pump are progressive cavity pumps, twin screw pumps and gear pump. And AODD pumps works on the principle of reciprocating. Roto’s positive displacement pumps are used in a number of industries i.e, marine, mining, explosives, paints, biogas, wastewater, sugar, petrochemical, foods, oil, paints and chemicals etc.

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