Hopper Feed Pump Manufacturer and Supplier

The Wide Throat Progressive Cavity Pumps are also known as Hopper Feed Pumps. These pumps have a twin paddle bridge breaker arrangement at the top. Roto’s Hopper Feed Pumps can handle fluids with high solid content up to 40% concentration and non-flowing properties with ease. Custom designed hoppers are also available, along with construction materials and shaft sealing options.

Capacity: up to 200 m3/hr
Pressure: up to 36 bar

The WM series pumps are used as the Hopper Feed pumps. Key accessories used in these pumps are a dry-running protection device, pressure switch, gauges, relief valves and strainers. These pumps are used in various industries such as paper, sugar, wastewater, biogas, explosives, paints, mining etc.

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