Dairy Industry Pumps

For the preparation of a wide variety of dairy products, a variety of fluids are transferred from one place to another. These fluids travel through different pipes, pumps, heat exchangers, filters, etc. Dosing of substances to make a variety of dairy products is also done by the pumps. Thus using the right pump at the right place is essential.

Roto’s Progressive Cavity Pumps are designed to cater to such diverse needs of the dairy industry. These pumps for dairy can be custom-made to meet the requirements of the customers. Roto’s pumps for the dairy industry also require less cleaning and maintenance. These pumps are robust and can handle sensitive liquids such as milk, with ease. These pumps are anti-corrosive and are safe to handle.

Roto provides high-quality pumps for the dairy industry. These pumps are cost-effective and comply with the highest standards of hygiene and quality.

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