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Pumps for the food and beverage industry are expected to handle highly viscous and shear-sensitive liquids. Roto Pumps are designed to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and safety. These pumps are manufactured with metal bonded aseptic food-grade stator that is resistant to oil and fat.

Roto’s DM series pump is a heavy-duty pump designed to handle highly viscous and non-flowable liquids. This Progressive Cavity Pump for the meat industry can be customised with a wide throat configuration. Its closed universal joints enable the pump to handle fluids with low lubricating value, such as dematerialised water. It is available in close-coupled and bare shaft configurations.

Flow – Up to 86 m3/hr
Pressure – Up to 24 Bar

Key Benefits

  • The head developed is independent of speed.
  • The metallic parts which are in continuous contact with the liquid are fabricated in smooth finish stainless steel.
  • It gently handles shear-sensitive liquids and can effectively handle fluids containing a high percentage of solids.
  • These versatile pumps handle clear water to highly viscous liquids.
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