Industrial Waste Water Pumps Manufacturer and Supplier

Waste Water Pumps or Sewage Pumps are built and designed to transfer dirty and non-fresh liquids such as waste water, sewage and sludge. These pumps are also known as progressive cavity pumps. These kinds of pumps are used in a number of applications such as transferring industrial waste water, activated and digested sludge, sewage water, disposal of municipal water, sludge cake and dewatering. These pumps consist of a metallic rotor and elastomer stators. When the rotor starts moving inside the stators, cavities are formed through which liquid is pumped.
Roto Pumps is a renowned Industrial Waste Water Pumps manufacturer and supplier. Roto Pumps provides customized waste water pumps to the customers to meet all their needs and requirements. These pumps are built with sturdy material and especially designed to transfer highly corrosive and abrasive chemicals and liquids with high viscosity & solid contents.

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