Industrial Wide Throat PC Pump Manufacturers and Supplier

Roto Wide Throat Progressive Cavity Pumps allow gravity flow of highly viscous material. The augur-on-coupling rod pushes the substance to the pumping element. The twin paddle bridge breaker arrangement helps to handle very high solid content with non – flowing properties.

These pumps are available in close-coupled and bare shaft configuration. The hopper in these pumps can be customized. A variety of construction materials and shaft sealing options are also available.

Cavities are generated due to a single rotating element which delivers uniform, metered and non-pulsating flow of liquid. These pumps do not require a foot valve and work on snore too. Highly efficient Roto’s Wide Throat Pumps can handle liquids that contain a high percentage of solids. Due to their reversible rotation capabilities, these pumps can perform with equal efficiency in both directions. These pumps cater to the following industries such as paper, sugar, chemical, paint, mining, textile and agriculture.

Capacity: up to 200 m3/hr
Pressure: up to 36bar.

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