Helical Rotor Pumps manufacturers

Helical Rotor Pumps are a type of Positive Displacement Pumps. They are robust and efficient pumps which consist of a helical rotor and a helix rubber stator. The rotor circulates inside the stator to form cavities and the liquid is pumped through these cavities. These pumps have high suction lift capability and can prime on their own.

Helical Rotor Pumps are non-shearing pumps, and can transfer a variety of liquids without causing any change or harm to their quality. Moreover, these pumps are considered to cab be used for semi hygienic food and beverages applications such as butter, yeast and even meat chunks. Other industries that use these kinds of pumps in their day-to-day applications including oil & gas, marine, paper, paint, biogas, agriculture and waste water treatment etc.

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