Single Screw Pumps are a type of Positive Displacement Pumps. These pumps work on the principle of the rotary movement of single helix metallic rotor inside double helix elastomer stator. When the rotor start to move inside the stator, the cavities are formed resulting in positive displacement of liquid through cavities. The liquid is then released from the discharge side of the pump.
Single Screw Pumps are best suitable for applications needing a non-pulsating and uniform flow. These pumps ensure a high suction-lift and can transfer tough to handle fluids having solids, highly viscous, abrasive elements etc. These pumps are actively used to handle sewage, bilge, sludge and even food items like jam, starch and butter. These pumps are used in processing and manufacturing plants of various industries such as marine, chemical, cosmetics, paint, waste water, oil & gas and many more. Single screw pump are non-clogging and can be operate in reverse condition as well. These pumps are also extremely easy to maintain.

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